Wireless TTL Flash Trigger (FC-210C) X

Canon FC-210C

  • Using the 2.4 GHz Viltrox wireless radio system, the FC-210C TTL wireless flash trigger can be used to effectively trigger flashes from up to 100m away
  • When used with compatible flash units, receiving users will have the added benefit of remote power control
  • Support flash synchronization interface (2.5mm SYNC) trigger studio lights.
  • LCD live view mode supports normal lead flashing, high-speed continuous shooting triggered flash
  • Offers advance control options along with settings for working with system-specific features
  • Supports a full range of compatible Canon's E-TTL & E-TTL II system, including support for high-speed sync up to 1/8000 second
  • Support camera wireless shutter function
  • Supported by the camera flash remote setup menu parameters (remote control)
  • Support transmitter-top installation and support ETTL flash, support flash head zoom (automatic or manual)
  • Support the exposure compensation (FEC), bracketing (FEB), exposure lock (FEL), the depth of field preview-type lights flash
  • Support single contact flash / flash Trigger (maximum synchronization speed of 1/250s)

Nikon FC-210N